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Why Sauna?

Sauna is a place and also a state of mind. Sauna is an experience. It is multidimensional – sacred and spiritual, practical and functional, social and relational, relaxing and rejuvenating. Sauna has many entry points whether cultural, rooted in well-being, the desire for connection, and much more. Sauna is for everybody. It’s about the experience: a wood-fired stove, relaxing steam created by water poured over hot rocks, elevated senses, and incredible feelings of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation enjoyed alone or shared with others.

Our Mission

Building community through sauna in Appleton + Fox Cities, WI by introducing people to the incredible experience and social, relaxing, physical, and mental benefits sauna provides!

What We Offer

Unforgettable wood-fired sauna experiences that focus on community and wellness. Enjoy public, private, or guided sauna sessions.

You'll be hooked and want to share the experience with others! 

Trust us...

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