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  • What should I bring to my session? Swimsuit, water bottle, beach footwear. Some people bring their own robe and towels. 

  • How should I prepare? Come hydrated and dressed ready to go (we recommend wearing sweats over your suit). Arrive 15 mins early to allow time for parking. While a bathroom is available, we recommend going before you come. Please also sign the wavier before your session. 

  • What is included? The sauna will be heated and ready to go upon arrival, towels?, ladal/bucket/essential oils for steam. Bonfire and chairs for cozy vibes while you cool down inbetween sessions. We will share a brief overview of how the sauna works and be availble onsite should you need anything. 

  • How many people does the mobile sauna fit? 6 people at a time can fit in the sauna comfortably. 

  • What COVID precautions do we take? The 140 degree sauna is well ventilated and aired out for 15 mins between sessions. If you are feeling unwell, please reschedule your session. 

  • Do you host pop ups? Many fun things are in the works!

  • Can you drop the sauna off at my house for the weekend? We are currently working with the City of Appleton to make this option available. Stay tuned!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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